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Update New Web-Front Released!

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| Mineclipse Website Update
Hey! Today we are happy to announce the new Mineclipse Website update! We have been working long and hard on designing a brand new, user-friendly website and web store. We finally believe we have got something to call our own and proud to show off.

Take a look around, tell us how you feel about the website and let us know if you run into any issues! We appreciate all feedback - even criticism! So far, we have got everything we want, but there may be some slight adjustments to the website from now until release. Please take a look around and tell us what you think; some website features may still be in the works, such as the rules and jobs pages.

Alongside this, you will be able to see we have some amazing new graphics! Giving us a...

News Welcome to Mineclipse

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| Welcome to Mineclipse
Hello there! At the time of viewing this you may have heard of us already, if you have or have not this post gives a little rundown on what Mineclipse is, how we work and the plans we have for both the present and the future of Mineclipse.

For two years Mineclipse has been in development, chopping and changing ideas to make your experience as best as can be. For the past year Josh & Callum have been hard at work trying to create a unique Minecraft experience, which can be hard to come by nowadays. We faced ourselves with the challenge of creating something which had not seen before. This is always a worrying thing to do, because if it fails then the idea which has been worked on so much can fail. However, we think we are ready to officially announce Mineclipse to the world.

| What is Mineclipse?
At first glance, Mineclipse looks like just another SkyBlock server; which it is...

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Mineclipse is a custom experience Minecraft server. Our main aim is to bring our community a unique and enjoyable experience. ProDev Build.

Mineclipse is in no way affliated with Mojang, AB. Nor should it be considered a company endorsed by Mojang, AB.

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